In a hurry? Do a circuit.

Between vacations out of town, covering for your colleagues’ vacations out of town, weddings, soccer games, concerts and all those other fun summer commitments, you might not get to the gym as often. So make your time here at Max Fitness count and do a circuit.


You can make up your own, based on your time and your goals. But we’ve developed a plan here that will give you a well-rounded workout in just 25 minutes. It’s perfect for those times when you haven’t been to the gym in a day or two and you won’t get back for a day or two.


Do each move for 45 seconds. Use the remaining 15 seconds to transition from machine to machine.



Add two minutes of warm-up walking on the treadmill before you get started and two minutes of cooldown walking after you finish, and you’ve got a solid workout in 30 minutes. Now go have some summer fun!

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