Rock and Roll Up: Move of the Week

By June 30, 2017Blog
Rock and Roll Up

Usually it’s your iPod that handles the rock ‘n’ roll during a workout. But this week, you’re going to do the work with the Rock and Roll Up, a move that hits all the major muscle groups.

Grab a medicine ball and lie on your back on a mat with your arms extended, knees bent. Leading with your heels, tucking the ball toward your gut and using your core, rock up onto your heels into a squat position. From there, use the strength of your legs to push up to standing and extend the medicine ball in front of you.

To complete the move, pull the medicine ball back into your chest, then squat. Roll back down to the mat with your knees bent. Extend the medicine ball overhead once again. Pause, then tuck and prepare to rock up to a squat for round two of the Rock and Roll Up!

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