Is a 10-Minute Workout Worth It?

By October 29, 2017Cardio, Fitness, Strength
10-minute workout

So you’re driving in the vicinity of Max Fitness…maybe you’re picking up the kids from school, driving home from work, whatever…and you have a little extra time before you have to be somewhere else. Not enough time for a full-blown sweat session, but a tiny wedge in which you could accomplish something. Is a 10-minute workout worth it?
If you have some tennis shoes handy (just keep a spare pair in the trunk), the short answer is yes. But there are several ways to look at that time.

Set Your Focus

1.) You could get in some hard and fast cardio to raise your heart rate, torch some calories and burn off some stress; positive effects that last longer than the 10 minutes you spend on a machine.

I like getting on a treadmill and doing a condensed pyramid: warming up with a one-minute walk, increasing the speed and incline till I’m running uphill for three or four minutes, then cooling down for the final minute or two. This works super well for me because I never run that fast or hard any other time, so it’s a challenge.

2.) If you have some time elsewhere in your day to do cardio outside the gym, such as running in the neighborhood or sweating through a round of Dance Dance Revolution, you can use those 10 minutes to power through a circuit of weights, which is usually harder to do at home.

Spend a minute warming up with some jumping jacks and walking lunges. Then choose a major muscle group and three moves that you can do to train it, and perform the moves back to back. Maybe it’s chest day: Find a bench and do a set of incline flyes, a set of bench presses and a set of push-ups. Repeat without rest two more times, then spend a minute stretching it all out.

Whatever course you choose, a 10-minute workout can pay dividends long beyond the snippet of time you spend with us. And it’s especially effective if you combine it with a few other active periods throughout your day. So drop in and say hi anytime!

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