How to Start a Fitness Routine

fitness routine

New to the gym? Welcome to the wonderful world of fitness! It’s much more rewarding than you might think. The good truly outweighs the bad—so much so that our members regularly come back for more. (Often for years!)

To give you the best chance of success, we recommend these steps to start a fitness routine…because injuries are no fun, and major victories are a cause to celebrate. Before you begin:


Steps Toward a Fitness Routine

1.) See your doctor for a physical. Make sure you don’t have any restrictions, and get a baseline for your important numbers: heart rate, blood pressure, weight, etc. You’ll want those stats so that you and your doc can marvel at your incredible improvements.

2.) See one of our fitness consultants for a free assessment. Again, you want to note those numbers so that you can pat yourself on the back! (If you can’t reach that far, maybe you should consider our yoga classes.) Your fitness pro also can provide an introduction to the equipment so that you get your money’s worth from our wide range of gear and machines.

3.) Get some spiffy workout clothes. Good apparel can actually improve your workouts, studies have shown. Wicking fabrics will keep you cool, stretch fabrics will keep you appropriately covered, and new fitness garb can provide motivation and a sense of belonging. You’re doing this amazing thing for your body by working out; it’s worth a small splurge!

4.) Brush up on your workout etiquette on our blog to avoid an embarrassing gym gaffe. If you’re not sure about something, don’t be afraid to ask our staff.

5.) Grab your calendar and a notebook. You’ll use the calendar to schedule your workouts. (This is a must: They don’t call it a fitness routine if you only go once.) And you’ll use the notebook to mark down the number of reps you perform, the weight you lift, the speed with which you run, etc., so you have a record of how far you’ve come when you look back a month from now.

Join a friend, try new things and find your groove. Soon you’ll realize that you have a legit fitness routine of your own…and you’ll be sharing this with another friend who thinks he or she might want to start enjoying the stress relief, improved health, better sleep and stronger, leaner body that you’ve gained at the gym!

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