Top Wellness Tips for the New Year

By December 27, 2017Health and Fitness

Pinterest just released its annual list of top 100 trends to try in 2018. Amid the fashion and decorating tips, there are some wellness gems we think you should give a go. Check out:

  • diet-friendly frying with an air fryer
  • pureed soup as a source of soothing nutrition
  • protein power minus the saturated fat, thanks to plants
  • foods that are good for your gut
  • feats of strength training
  • the work after the workout: stretching

Which are you already on-trend with? Which do you want to try? Tell us at info@, and come along with us as we explore these top wellness tips in our next newsletters. First up: digestive health, and how you can help it along with what you eat. Read on our blog!

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