Don’t Get Yourself in Hot Water

By November 22, 2017Healthy Habits
hot water

Hello, frigid dampness! A hot shower sounds amazing, right? Sure, until you end up with dry, itchy skin or even a rash. Hot water can hurt so good, stripping the natural oils that protect your epidermis. Here’s how to avoid the damage:

Heat the room, not the water. If you can safely do so, close the door and warm the bathroom with a small space heater before you shower.

Shower fast. The longer you linger in the hot water, the more you dry your skin. Suds up quickly, rinse and run.

Make your towels toasty. Perhaps a warm, fluffy towel will make a lukewarm shower tolerable? A plug-in towel warmer might be worth the investment.

Swap your soap. Certain soaps and especially high-lather shower gels can exacerbate dry skin. Trade your summer scrub for a soothing, moisturizing winter wash.

Seal in and seal out. Immediately after you step out of the shower, seal in your skin’s moisture and seal out harsh heated air with a moisturizer designed for sensitive dry skin.

Grab a good robe and keep the heat to medium this winter. There are ways to manage the harm from hot water and stay warm!

(But if your skin erupts in a rash, be sure to see your doctor. Even the coldest shower isn’t fixing an infection.)

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