Healthy Attitudes Toward the Holidays

healthy attitudes

It’s easy to feel conflicted about eating and exercise at this time of year. On the one hand, you want to enjoy the cornucopia of special holiday foods and beverages; on the other, you want to look good at all those annual parties. It’s dark and cold and you’re busy, so you don’t feel like exercising; at the same time, this is when you may need it most. So this year, we’re giving you a little gift: healthy attitudes for the holidays.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Let go of guilt. You really don’t need any extra stress. It just hurts your heart and brain and interrupts your sleep. So what if you don’t work out as often or as hard as usual, or you eat a big scoop of cheesy potatoes. Guilt doesn’t change that, does it?

Do your best. Keep a keen eye for ways you can avoid sliding into a total slump. Say you love turkey and gravy. Can you dice the turkey and drizzle it all over a bowl of lettuce? Maybe you’re having cocktails. Can you choose diet mixers, tonic water or plain wine instead of syrupy sips? Perhaps you’re traveling without access to a gym. Why not do 15 minutes of push-ups, squats, lunges and stretches in your room?

Tomorrow is a new day. My mom is famous for this phrase, and for good reason. If you approach tomorrow as an opportunity to reset, then one afternoon at your aunt’s Christmas buffet is less likely to turn into a month of binging with abandon.

Healthy attitudes toward the holidays include as much routine diet and exercise as possible, yes. But steer clear of an all-or-nothing approach and cut yourself some slack. Deprivation and self-loathing are lousy party poopers. And New Year’s motivation is just around the corner!

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