Five Funny Reasons We Love Working Out

By December 27, 2017Motivation, Your Mind
reasons we love working out

Some people view going to the gym as a chore. Not us—we love it. The list is long, but here are just five funny reasons we love working out. See if you can relate: 

1.) It’s much more socially acceptable to take out your aggressions on a punching bag or barbell than your coworkers.

2.) An hour at the gym reduces the guilt associated with a day of Netflix-and-chill.

3.) They sing songs about bangin’ booties, but not hangin’ booties.

4.) We love doughnuts almost as much as we love working out.

5.) All our friends are there! (And no, we do not spend all our time standing around talking. We save that for beers on the weekend…)

Of course, the perks of feeling great and looking better factor in there somewhere, too. So many reasons we love working out—what are yours? Tell us at!

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