Tiny Triceps Move, Big Results


You may think big weights are necessary for big results. Sometimes, but not always. Using big weights in triceps kickbacks sometimes means you use momentum. (You cheater!) Try this tiny triceps move for a huge burn.

Grab a surprisingly light dumbbell in your right hand. (No, really. We mean *light*. Maybe just 2 to 10 pounds.) Standing with feet hip-width apart, bend your knees and lean forward into a very slight squat.

Put your left hand on your hip. Now extend your right hand back and high, much higher than your right hip. In fact, push that weight almost as far back and high as you can. Just be sure to keep your shoulders square and level toward the front.

And pulse. Using a super tiny triceps move, pulse that dumbbell toward the ceiling, barely bending your elbow. Keep the weight high and back and focus on using just the muscle in the back of your upper arm. Go for 30 seconds on the right, then switch to the left. Increase the time under tension as you grow stronger. That light weight will get heavy in a hurry!

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