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At Max Fitness we want every single drop of sweat to count and every calorie that you burn to burn fat, not deteriorate your hard earned muscle. Unfortunately, burning calories doesn’t always bring the results we desire if we aren’t fueling our bodies properly to begin with. Even the slightest imbalance in nutrition can cause milestones to be missed, and results to be hindered.

The only way to guarantee your efforts are well spent is by taking a closer look. Though we might share physical similarities and fitness goals with our peers, underneath the surface, we couldn’t be more different. With greater knowledge and individualized insight, Nutritional Coaching: Powered by Max Fitness, fuels your success.

With sound advice, and friendly direction, our professionals will become your trusted advocates for success!

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Jackie Justice CTNC, RYT

Jackie Justice CTNC, RYT

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Only the Best!

Jackie is a certified holistic nutritionist and certified yoga instructor.

She has studied both the science of how food interacts with the body, and the psychology of eating. This gives her an ample understanding of food addiction, emotional eating, and other eating disorders. Her main focus is holistic nutrition, meaning that one must look at ALL aspects of self in order to achieve the most success in a lasting overall transformation.

Empowering others through education, guidance and self-discovery is her passion.

She is here to help you on your journey of lasting transformation and success!

Programs include:

  • Individualized meal planning, grocery shopping lists and Recipes
  • Accountability sessions and monthly reassessments
  • Online access to your plan details – everything at your fingertips
  • Exclusive discounts for any additional nutritional coaching sessions and recommended supplementation

Benefits include:

  • Boosting your metabolism and energy
  • Stop dieting! Learn how to make eating healthy your lifestyle
  • Learning tools to manage your stress and anxiety
  • Discovering the deeper reason for why you might be eating when you’re not “hungry”
  • Distinguish between physical and emotional hunger
  • Maximizing the results from your workouts

Perfect For:

  • Weight loss
  • Decreasing body fat
  • Increasing lean muscle
  • Managing emotional eating

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