5 Foods that Interfere with Sleep


Going to bed hungry is a surefire way to toss and turn. But there are certain foods (and drinks) that will interfere with your sleep as well. Snack smart for sweet dreams and avoid these rest wreckers:
Dark Chocolate: You know better than to drink coffee, but did you realize that there’s a substantial amount of caffeine in dark chocolate?

Fatty Foods: Have that bowl of ice cream right after dinner, if at all. Fatty foods (chips, cheese, french fries, etc.) can cause indigestion and bloating that sabotage sleep.

Spicy Foods: It may be a mild case of heartburn during daytime hours, but at night spicy foods can cause reflux. Lying down allows stomach acid to bubble up.

Alcohol: A nightcap may put you to sleep, but only temporarily. It prevents REM sleep cycles and leads to less refreshing rest. For those with breathing issues such as snoring or sleep apnea, it’ll relax the airway and exacerbate the problem.

Lots of Water: Yes! You should drink lots of water every day. But slow your roll at bedtime. Getting up to go to the restroom every couple of hours will interfere with sleep for sure.

And a word on exercise: For some, working out works out the kinks and allows for a peaceful evening. But for others, a late-night sweat session can be energizing. If that’s you, try to get in your workout before dinner.

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