Celebrate with a Frozen Protein Pop!

By July 2, 2017Healthy Eating, Nutrition
protein pops

You’ve added protein to smoothies for years, right? So why not turn another refreshing treat into something smart to eat? Protein pops may be your next go-to after a long, hot workout. 
First, determine what kind of protein you need. There’s a huge difference in types depending on your goals, but if you can, choose hydrolysate protein for the best results with the least chance of stomach upset.

Then check out these great protein pop recipes. They offer the natural vitamins in fruit, fiber, hydration and great flavor, along with the boost in nutrients that your body needs after lifting weights.

Protein and Kids

Just be sure that if you have kids, you make a few frozen treats without the added powder. Protein pops can overwhelm a small child’s system. Yogurt can deliver the necessary nutrient in a safer form for wee ones.

Skip the scoop of ice cream after a sweaty gym session this summer. Keep a few varieties of these healthy treats handy instead!

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