Questionable Nutrition Trends

nutrition trends
Depending on the headlines, you can justify almost any indulgence. (Not cotton candy, but just about everything else.) The problem? Things that you might think are healthy…sometimes they aren’t. Beware the questionable nutrition trends.

Some of the things that you might think are healthy could be downright dangerous. Coconut oil was in the headlines recently when the American Heart Association identified it as high in saturated fat. Olive oil and avocado oil are better choices, they said. So save the coconut oil for your hair.

What about coffee, red wine and chocolate, those little luxuries that make us feel virtuous? Unfortunately, you have to exercise some willpower even with these all-stars. As with almost every food except perhaps green veggies, moderation is key.

Check out the latest news about nutrition trends. Then read labels, watch your calories and balance your macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and protein). There’s no magic bullet–just smart choices.

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