Beef Up Your Hamstrings


Along with working on your glutes, you need to beef up your hamstrings for a good rear view. So grab a partner and take turns tackling the glute/ham raise. 

The first person will start by kneeling, abs taut, arms crossed over your chest. You should rest on your toes, rather than keeping your feet flat against the floor.

The second person will kneel behind the first, lightly holding down his heels so that they don’t lift off the floor.

The first person slowly leans forward toward the floor, bending from the knees—not the hips!—and maintaining a straight line with the rest of your body. As you reach the point of falling, you can catch yourself with your hands against the floor. Then push off and return to your upright starting point.

After you’ve achieved your max reps, switch roles. Take turns burning up your hamstrings for a better back side!

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