A Better Way to Work Your Glutes

work your glutes

Glutes can be hard to grow if you’re not genetically blessed. But certain moves can kick your butt–literally–better than others. Sometimes it’s as simple as your stance.

Barbell squats are a surefire backside burner; in fact, they’re among the most effective exercises to improve strength and athletic performance. Usually you knock ’em out with your feet planted hip-width distance.

Wide Stance Works the Glutes

But studies show that assuming a wider stance will offer several benefits:

Positioning your feet wider will help prevent your knee from pushing out past your toe and minimize the risk of injury to your ankle and lower back.

Maintaining a wide stance also will allow you to squat more deeply and thus better activate your glutes. A shallow squat targets your quads more than your glutes, so go low to tap the major set of muscles in your backside.


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