New Research on the Benefits of Controlled Breathing

By December 3, 2017Training, Your Mind

Did you know that humans’ ability to control our breathing is unique among animals? And did you know that by controlling your breathing you can change your brain…and your body?

A recent study revealed that controlling–or even just focusing on–your breathing can provide “additional access and synchrony between brain areas.” And understanding how this works, researchers say, can lead to “greater control, focus, calmness, and emotional control.”

So what does this mean for your fitness?

Waiting to Exhale

It’s a reminder to pay attention to your breathing while weight training. If you inadvertently hold your breath, you can increase your blood pressure and risk passing out. The proper technique can help you avoid injury and make gains.

And it’s encouragement to sign up for our yoga classes. Controlled breath is at the heart of this practice designed to improve both mind and body wellness. Regular yoga sessions can help you not only improve your flexibility but also build core strength, develop better body awareness, improve focus and balance and work through soreness and stiffness.

Especially when you’re busy and stressed, knowing how to focus on and control your breathing can help you calm your brain and improve your response to the chaos around you. Pause throughout the day to take a deep breath, check in and chill out.

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