Work It Between Weight Sets

between weight sets

There are those people who sit around for three minutes, five or even more while lifting–using their phones, chatting with friends or just staring into space. Then there’s efficient, effective you, ready to work it between weight sets. Here’s a great move to do just that:

After your first set of whatever exercise you’re performing, stand tall beside a wall, rail or pillar and loosely place a hand on it for balance. With feet parallel and toes pointing forward, do as many calf raises as possible, aiming for 50. Be sure to clench your calf muscle at the top of the move.

After your second set of whatever exercise you’re performing, find that same spot and same posture, but this time stand with toes touching and heels apart. Aim to do 25 calf raises with your feet in this position.

Before you get back to your weight set, turn your toes out and place your heels together. Try to knock out another 25 calf raises.

Not only will you keep your heart rate elevated between sets, but you’ll also find muscles you never knew you had…and begin to develop some killer leg definition!


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