5 Simple Tricks for Easy Weight Loss

weight loss
You wanna look lean and trim when you go to the lake or pool. But you also want to celebrate all the awesomeness that is summer. We get ya! Diet, schmiet. How about a few little tweaks instead? Try theseĀ five simple tricks for easy weight loss.
1. Be spritz-y. It’s easier than ever to find flavored sparkling water at the store. Use it to lighten up juices, cocktails and wine for a triple play: extra fizz, fewer calories and healthy hydration.
2. Spray away. Pour oils, dressings and condiments into spray bottles. You’ll enjoy more even distribution and less mess while slashing the caloric damage.
3. Savor sunsets. Instead of vegging out on the sofa with snacks, change up your evening routine. After dinner, go outside. Say hi to the neighbors, weed the flower beds, take a walk…and stay away from the kitchen.
4. Get fruity. It’s so refreshing! Add water-loaded watermelon and other fruits into your snacks, meals and desserts. They’ll deliver filling fiber and fluids for few calories.
5. Change up your cookout. Choose marinated chicken or fish instead of burgers and hot dogs. Not only is the meat leaner, but you don’t need a bun.

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