Dumbbell Position Makes a Difference

By September 29, 2017Strength, Weight Lifting, Workout
dumbbell position

Sometimes it’s the little things…like the dumbbell position when you’re doing lunges. In which hand you hold the weight can actually change the results. Read on to discover the best grip for the best backside.

A study published in 2015 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that holding a dumbbell on the side opposite of the leg with which you’re lunging will better activate your gluteus medius, the muscle at the upper part of your backside.

To achieve this dumbbell position, start by holding it in your right hand, standing with feet hip-width apart. Step forward with your left leg, making sure your left knee doesn’t extend past your left foot. Lower until your right knee almost kisses the ground, keeping your shoulders square and level. Push off with your left heel to return to standing. Repeat on that side for 30 seconds.

Next, switch the dumbbell to your left hand and set up to step forward with your right foot. Lunge on the right for 30 seconds. If you find that you need to lunge with more weight than you can manage with one hand, then grip the heaviest dumbbell with the hand opposite your lunging leg, and a lighter dumbbell with the hand on the same side with which you’re stepping forward.

Tweaks like these can be the little difference makers. If you want further help with your form, consider personal training, where you can get your questions answered and moves tailored to your goals. We’re here to help!

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