Healthy Tips for Holiday Parties

holiday parties

HuffPost has lined up four solid healthy tips for holiday parties. But we’d like to add two more ace ideas to the mix:

#5. Chew gum or suck on a mint. This accomplishes several goals: It keeps your mouth busy, so you can’t constantly fill it with snacks. Mint is a great appetite suppressant, and it can make other food taste funny, minimizing your munchies. And of course it keeps your breath fresh for all those close-up conversations.

#6. Fill your glass with ice. It will dilute the impact of whatever booze or other high-calorie beverage you’re drinking and help keep you hydrated.

These tiny tricks may seem small, but that’s their beauty! Easy-peasy, they can help keep you from turning an indulgence into a blowout. What are your favorite tips for holiday parties with copious cocktails and bountiful buffets? Tell us at!

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