Healthy, Easy Cookbook = Great Gift

By December 6, 2017Healthy Eating, Nutrition

Preparing meals at home is a surefire way to eat better. Studies show that those who cook are more likely to consume more fruits and vegetables and meet dietary recommendations. But time is a big hitch in the giddy-up for most people. This year, give your friends (or yourself) the gift of better health with a cookbook that includes easy recipes: 

Our Picks

From Health magazine’s list of new, healthy cookbooks, we’re loving The Art of the Pantry. Because we still haven’t mastered the art of planning and shopping with recipes in mind.

From the Today show’s list of faves, we like The Green Aisle’s Healthy Smoothies & Slushies, because we generally don’t mess up things in the blender, and dumping a bunch of stuff into one container is about our speed.

From Popsugar’s picks for 2017, we’re a fan of The Savvy Cook, because there are often nights when there’s just one or two of us for dinner, and who wants to spend an hour making a complicated meal, when it’ll be gone 20 minutes later? Perfect for those who are tired of frozen dinners.

And from publisher Rodale’s cookbook lineup, we want to try Graze: Inspiration for Small Plates and Meandering Meals. The idea here is meal assembly, rather than cooking, which is basically what we do already. Guide us to a list of ingredients that we should have on hand and how to combine them quickly, please!

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